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Fortis doors is a leading colombian manufacturer of fire-rated doors and essential steel frames for healthcare, institutional, commercial, and industrial constructions. we produce robust and secure steel doors and frames that meet the complete range of safety, protection, and aesthetic requirements for any project. we supply a complete line of both standard and custom high-quality hollow metal doors and frames for new construction and retrofit projects in critical infrastructure, healthcare, commercial, and educational sectors.


Fortis Doors is the leader in fire doors, standing out for its exceptional reliability and the most demanding quality standards in steel doors and hollow metal frames.


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Our products


All of our doors for every type of need, resistant to a 250°F temperature rise ensures that the unexposed face of the door reaches a maximum of 250°F in the first 30 minutes of the fire test. This option is available with 20, 18 or 16 gauge steel faceplates.


Designed for every type of need, these frames are equipped with precision die-cut corners and positive locking tabs that ensure solid and secure mounting connections. Available in a wide variety of profiles and dimensions, unassembled (KD) or welded, to meet your specific needs.


Products designed to meet specific needs in terms of design. They are classified into solutions covering decorative, sustainable, security, resistance, intrusion protection and integration aspects.


Special products, for each type of need, depending on the needs of customers we have certified products for hurricane resistance or thermal insulation, among other custom designed products.

What is Foortis doors?

We are a Colombian company that offers fire doors certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) according to the American standards UL 10B – 10C – CAN/ULC-S104-15, making our products suitable for compliance with the different building codes in America.

We are strategically located manufacturers for the Americas, adapting our quality and price standards to the needs of the sector.

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