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At Fortis Doors, we offer a variety of color options to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. We provide six standard colors, with gray as our base option, along with seven additional carefully selected colors that harmoniously integrate into any architectural setting. If your project requires a custom finish, we can accommodate your specific preferences at an additional cost. In this way, we ensure that each door not only meets the highest quality standards but also reflects your unique and distinctive vision.


  • Standard door construction
  • Fire resistance up to 3 hours


  • Color doors up to 4’0″ x 9’0″
  • Color KD frames up to 8’0″ x 9’0″, welded frames up to 4’0″ x 9’0″
  • Superior, durable, and uniform color finish with standard and customizable options available
  • Color prefinished paint is extremely durable and applied in a controlled factory environment to ensure consistent, high-quality results
  • Color frames available in complementary, accent, or contrasting colors
  • Meets ASTM D1308-02 Chemical Resistance Testing for enhanced cleaning
  • Factory-baked electrostatic painting, superior to field-sprayed, rolled, or brushed applications


  • Many standard colors available from the PPG RAL color palette, as well as custom color options

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